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  • 20M – Septorhionplasty. Newport Beach, CA


    Having found my doctor on RealSelf, I thought it’d be appropriate to write a review for potential patients and others alike.

    I’ve been self-conscious about my nose for around 2 years. It wasn’t until a friend mentioned the bump on my nose after a picture we took (above), when I started paying any attention to the overall shape. Now, 2 years older, and a college student in a social fraternity, I thought it’d be an appropriate time to have the procedure done.

    Originally, I planned on having a Rhinoplasty somewhere on the East Coast. Fortunately, I was able to land an internship in California, close to Newport Beach where plastic surgery procedures are much, much more common. After a brief RealSelf search, I found Dr. Elam. His experience, reviews, and price point were all exceptional. A quick consultation request, and a phone call the next day, I had a consultation scheduled for June 13th.

    June 13th: Consultation
    I arrived at Dr. Elam’s office a little before my appointment. I signed in, and was greeted by Jody and the rest of the on-deck staff. I sat down and filled out a few forms in regard to medical history, etc. I’ve had 3 prior surgeries under general anesthesia, so this wasn’t an entirely new experience. Shortly after, I was called back into a room where Jody, the Patient Coordinator, started going over the basics. Dr. Elam came in a few minutes later and immediately checked my septum for any deviations; turns out I have a “pretty deviated” septum. Right after, he took a few quick photos and started doing a photoshopped visual. Dr. Elam asked if I had any questions, then left Jody and me in the room to review photobooks of prior patients. I was impressed, and knew Dr. Elam was going to be my plastic surgeon.

    The next day, and a phone call later, I had my surgery and pre-op dates scheduled. My pre-op was scheduled for July 5th, and the surgery on the 22nd. However, this was going to change as my mom would be in town the next week, and wanted to see if there were any earlier dates. With a bit of luck, there was a cancellation the next Monday. Rather than waiting a whole month, I’m now waiting just a week. My new pre-op date was on the 17th, with the surgery on the 20th….

    June 17th: Pre-op
    As soon as I arrived, Jody took me back to the same room that I had my consultation in. She did an excellent informing and preparing me for everything to come. Dr. Elam quickly checked in and asked if I had any last-minute questions. Fortunately Jody had already covered everything. I was given a purple-ish bag (can’t really say it’s my taste) with essential post-op supplies like gauze, food, ice packs, etc. Soon after, I took the waver forms and signed my life away. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Schwab also checked in, and we briefly discussed my medical history and any restrictions I might have. After the consultation, I went to get blood work done for $50; drawing the blood took no more than 2 minutes. Picking up my prescription medications was next on the list. Thanks to my insurance, I only had to pay $35 as opposed to $100+. Now it was time to wait until Monday’s surgery.

    June 20th: Surgery
    6:30 A.M. and I’m in the office getting ready. I was dressed in a gown and within 10 minutes I was on the operating bed with a needle in my arm injecting anesthesia. Woke up, felt fine. I wasn’t in any pain, and felt fairly functional by the early afternoon. I did, however, bleed a bit more than I expected. I ended up changing the gauze under my nose every 3 hours or so. Other than that, the first day as relatively easy. The first night of sleep, however, wasn’t the best, but it’ll work.

    June 21st: First Day Post-op
    Went into the office to get my nose cleaned a bit, and to get the gauze pulled from my nose. Having the gauze pulled out was an… unusual sensation, but painless nonetheless. Up until this point, the most painful part of the surgery was ripping off the tape on my arm from the IV insertion. Now only one cleaning appointment on the 23rd stood between me and getting the cast off.

    June 27th: Cast Coming Off
    Just like every other appointment, I was called back and waited for Dr. Elam. After a brief nose cleaning and removing the stitches, it was time for the cast to come off. 5 minutes later, and I was staring in a mirror at my new nose; it’s crazy to think that all of this happened in the span of just 2 weeks, and for that reason I was speechless. Before I left, I was taught how to do some type of nose compressions to help maintain the narrow look to do 5 times a day. After that, I was off and out to confidently appear in public with my new and improved nose.

    Overall, I am extremely happy with outcome. What was a week of boredom and a dull amount of pain, has turned into a lifetime of content knowing I no longer have to worry about my nose. If only I could have done it sooner.

  • “Dr. Elam A.K.A The Nose God! So Amazed and Extremely Happy with my Results!! – Newport Beach, CA”

    My experience with Dr. Elam and his staff was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! First off Dr. Elam is so talented and very gifted at what he does. He can really change anyone’s life, I know that because he changed mine. He also takes really good care of all his patients and makes you feel comfortable and safe! Dr.Elam has such a big heart also! It’s so easy to be comfortable and ask him any questions you want. Not a lot of doctors can make you feel that way! I didnt ask as many questions as I thought I would because he is so informative and goes over every detail with you! When people constantly asked if I was nervous I would always say “I am not nervous at all, because I know I’m in GREAT hands. I’m just really EXCITED!” When I first met him on my consultation appointment he really listened to me about what I did not like about my nose and gave me an outstanding prediction of what the results will be. The countdown was ON! I loved coming in their office and getting greeted by Dr.Elams lovely staff! All the ladies in there are so GENUINE, BEAUTIFUL, and HAPPY! It’s an excellent environment to be in and their office always give me great positive vibes! I honestly always look forward to visiting their office they are always so happy to see me!
    Dr. Elam really made me feel so safe, protected, and comfortable on the day of my surgery. Their staff was more then helpful and I am so thankful and appreciate them all so much! I am now on week 2 of recovery and I feel amazing! Dr. Elam transformed my nose and even came out better then the prediction picture and I didn’t even know that was possible! When I got my cast taken off my nose I wanted to do a backflip!!!! I couldnt believe how amazing my nose looks!!!! Dr. Elam was so gentle and made sure I was okay throughout the process! I also got a breast augmentation and a chin augmentation by Dr.Elam and I look amazing! I feel like a whole new person!! I can’t stop looking in the mirror and smiling. I am beyond happy!! I honestly couldn’t imagine doing it any other way with any other doctor!!!
    I love this medical office and everyone who is a part of it!!
    If you have any questions about my experience feel free to ask! 🙂

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  • “Love my Amazing New Nose – Orange County, CA”

    I was referred to Dr. Elam by a friend.

  • “Breast Implants,lipo,and Upper & Lower Eyelids – Newport Beach, CA”

    I have been having elective surgeries with Dr. Michael Elam for the past 20 years. I would never think of going to anyone else. I am looking forward to knowing I will have the best care with Dr. Elam and staff.

  • “From Chicago to the OC to Achieve Perfect Results! – Orange County, CA”

    I did my homework for years! Finally decided to go to orange county to see Dr. Elam! And oh boy it was the smartest decision I’ve ever made! Dr. Elam is the kindest, most knowledgeable and most surgically gifted plastic surgeon.. A real artist! From my initial consultation, to my final follow up, i was cared for as if I was his only patient! He spent time discussing the procedure, and went over everything I needed to know in detail, he answered all my questions. The staff was extremely helpful, I felt very well taken care of by everyone. My results are amazing and I would not go to anyone else for cosmetic surgery! Thank you Dr. E and staff for doing such a wonderful job.. You are truly amazing and can’t wait to go back for my next surgery! Love you guys and gals!! XoXo’S!!!

  • “Easy Shot of Botox Goes a Long Way- GREAT Doctor – Orange County, CA”


  • The Oscar Goes to Dr. Elam – Orange County, CA”

    On line at real self

  • “Best of the Best – Orange County, CA”

    I was referred by a close friend that had a successful breast augmentation done by Dr. Elam. Highly skilled doctors can give your face a tune up but a doctor that can do “tune ups” and “repairs” like Dr. Elam proves that he is the best of the best. I cannot end this review without complimenting his staff, which are very professional, and the facility is definitely high quality, clean.

  • “Dr Elam Changed my Life – Newport Beach, CA”

    I went to Dr. Elam to discuss getting a breast augmentation. He was honest, informative, knowledgable, and most importantly he made me feel comfortable. I had the surgery shortly after my initial consultation and I am so happy with the results. Thank you Dr Elam

  • “I Love my New Nose – Newport Beach, CA”

  • “Amazing Surgeon and Office Staff – Orange County, CA”

    Referral from a friend and i would refer all of my friends

  • “Luscious Lips All the Way from New York – Orange County, CA”

    From my Mom and her friends who use Dr. Elam.

  • “Best Breast in the OC -Orange County, CA”

    Breast Implant Revision

    I heard of Dr. Elam through another physician. His office staff is very competent, efficient and friendly not to mention his office is gorgeous. Dr. Elam has a great bedside manner and is an excellent surgeon.

  • “Dr. Elam is an Artist Happiest Girl in the OC”


    I had several friends who told me he was the best rhinoplasty surgeon.

  • “ C02 Fractional Laser Treatment Wonderful Results, Very Happy -Newport Beach, CA”

    Fractional Laser

    Referral from a friend.

  • “Happiest Girl in the World! – Newport Beach, CA”!!! Dr. Elam was the first consultation I went on and I instantly felt a connection and trusted him but just to be safe I shopped around. I went on 7 different consultations all over like Beverly Hills, Encino, Marina Del Ray, Hermosa, and all over Los Angeles. Let just say I wasted my time after meeting with the other doctors I realized Dr. Elam was the perfect fit. He thoroughly went over the procedure and understood the fixes I wanted to my nose. Of course I was nervous of looking like Michael Jackson but he reassured me that I wouldn’t. The staff is SO friendly and unbelievably accommodating. Dr. Elam even came in on his day off to do my surgery because it was the only day that worked for me. Needless to say he did an AMAZING job! He’s a true artist that listened to everything I said and my nose looks SO natural! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY NEW NOSE AND LOVE DR. ELAM!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING AND ALSO A BIG THANK YOU TO HIS STAFF!!! DR. ELAM IS THE BEST!

  • “Ten Years Younger! – Newport Beach, CA”

    What a great experience! The staff was very caring and professional. Dr. Elam took time to anwer all of my questions and concerns. I felt that Dr. Elam understood my goal of wanting to look refreshed and not over done. The outcome was perfect and exactly what I wanted. My son gushed about how great I looked and said, “that all the lines are gone…even the one that went way down there!” I wouldn’t have waited so long, if I’d known it would be so easy. Thank you!

  • “Love my New Body -Orange County, CA”

    Dr. Elam is a long time friend of the family. (And has been our go-to guy for the entire family for over 20 years!) Dr. Elam is a great doctor. He took the time to explain the procedure and was only a phone call away if I ever had a question. He also has a great eye for aesthetics and did a wonderful job sculpting.

  • “First Class Experience – Orange County, CA”

    Couple of past patients of his. Having just moved to California recently, I did not know a single plastic surgeon. I started asking around and was referred to Dr. Elam through a couple of friends. After doing extensive research and visiting for a consultation, I was very pleased with him, his team, and the office. Dr. Elam implemented exactly what I wanted. I also want to mention that his follow-up process (which is once a week for the first couple weeks after surgery then once every couple weeks) makes you feel like you are truly cared for by him and his team. Overall, the whole experience has been first class and will be recommending him to anyone interested in services he offers.

  • “Facelift – Newport Beach, CA”


    Dr. Elam and his staff provide excellent customer service. From the initial consultation, to the actual surgery and post operative care, the doctor and staff are patient and caring. They make you feel special and valued as a patient. That’s a rare quality in today’s medical marketplace.

  • “I Look Like Me; the Better Looking Me! – Newport Beach, CA”

    Eyelid Surgery

    Dr. Elam madse me so comfortable. He is kind, patient and really listens. The entire staff is that way.

  • “Rhinoplasty in Newport Beach, CA”


    Dr. Elam and his staff have been amazing. My experience so far has been absolutely perfect.

  • “Back to my Old Self – Newport Beach, CA”


    I went to Dr. Elam after having two babies, and just couldn’t seem to get my original figure back. I was very sceptical at first but the staff and care was amazing. Best care and results- you don’t need to look any further to be happy with your body and move on with your life looking your best.

  • “Extremely Satisfied – Newport Beach, CA”

    Dr E and the whole staff are outstanding!

  • “A Great Experience – Newport Beach, CA”

    Dr. and his staff were caring, patient and extremely professional from my first consultation to my last follow-up visit. The Dr. explained the procedure in great detail and made sure to answer all of my questions thoroughly. Throughout the procedure, he was gentle and made sure I was ok every step of the way. After the surgery, I was even more impressed with his extensive follow-up. He seemed to go out of his way to make sure I was ok and everything healed properly – even taking extra precautionary measures. My expectations were far exceeded and I would highly recommend Dr. E.

  • “Brow Lift & Boobs – Orange County, CA”

    My sister, she was the first to go to Dr. Elam on a recommendation from a friend of hers. Word gets around. Dr Elam is wonderful and so is all the staff. This was my first experience with plastic surgery. Dr Elam and his staff made me feel very comfortable about my decision. Dr. Elam is a wonderful artist and doctor. I highly recomend this Dr. to anyone planning an improvement One of the things that really stands out for me is that I know I can trust Dr. Elam. He will tell you honestly if you need the procedure of if you don’t. That gets alot of cudos from me. Thank-you Dr. Elam for taking such good care of me and doing such a great job!!!

  • “Amazing Results and No Pain – Newport Beach, CA”

    Nose Surgery

    Thank you Dr Elam for the nasal surgery. I was a little nervous the day of the surgery but Dr Elam and his staff were very professional and assured me that everything was gonna be fine. Again Thank you Dr Elam for your great work and humbleness you are the best…

  • “Best Breast Augmentation – Newport Beach, CA”

    Breast Augmentation

    I had a breast augmentation by Dr E and I love my natural results. Great staff, love the result, very professional, would highly recommend!

  • “First Class Experience-Incredible Doctor and Staff – Orange County, CA”

    I was referred by another doctor, he said “…there is no one in the world that he would trust other than Dr. Elam. His breast implants are so natural you can’t tell the difference between natural and implants….” I agree mine look and feel very natural. I flew across the country at the recommendation of another doctor who I trust. I am a nurse by training and wanted to see only the best and Dr. Elam is the best of the best. While in the waiting room and exam room for my first visit he was very busy. I could hear in the hallway patient after patient thanking him for his work (fixing other previous work done by other doctors) They were so incredibly happy. I had a consultation and he worked with me to discuss my goals (repair damage done over time, pregnancies, breastfeeding and weight loss, age related issues) He answered all my questions and was very patient kind and caring. Because of the distance I was traveling (from the East Coast) all procedures were done on the same day. When it came to size of my implants I left it to Dr. Elam as much as possible as he is does this everyday thousands of times over. I am a professional and said I wanted to be bigger but not crazy big and he used his experience and expertise and I am SO happy. I am very proportionate to my size and their shape is fantastic. He said “trust me when we are done you will be beautiful”… and he was right he made me beautiful…I hear it over and over. His whole staff were nothing but incredible. Shelley was AMAZING! There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how wonderful she is and the care she provided to me post surgery. Doug and Molly who I saw often were wonderful too. The care I received was first class at all times. The time care and compassion of these people can’t be matched. I healed quickly and upon return home it was amazing the response. I look at least 5-7 years younger (I am 41) I have received so many compliments and attention it is incredible. Simply amazing I can’t say it enough. I would do it all over again. I wish I had done it sooner. Wouldn’t change a thing and can’t wait to go back for my tummy tuck (four pregnancies have taken a toll on my tummy skin). Dr. Elam’s follow up is second to none. He calls, emails, communicates regularly. He has made himself available to see me when I am on the West Coast to track my progress. His team are among the most wonderful people. Incredible…. Simply stated they are the best of the best. There is NO other doctor I would rather see trust or consult than Dr. Elam.

  • “Septorhinoplasty + Chin Augmentation – Newport Beach, CA”

    My entire experience with Dr. Elam and his staff has been amazing. I had never had any kind of surgery and was very nervous, but Dr. Elam and his staff made me feel at ease. Dr. Elam was always willing to answer my questions and didn’t mind when I called him with more questions. I had been debating having a septorhinoplasty and I prefered to pay out of pocket to have Dr. Elam as my surgeon than to go through my insurance. That’s how confident I was that this was the right place for me. And I was right. I can breathe better and love my cute new nose. I had a chin augmentation too, which he recommended to balance my face and helped me understand why it was recommended. He always answered my questions and took my concerns seriously. I love my new look and improves breathing. My friends and family have all complimented me on my new look too! The staff is super friendly and caring. If I ever have another procedure done, I know where I’m going.

  • “Recommendation – Newport Beach, CA”

    Tummy Tuck

    Dr. E is a genius as a plastic surgeon. He not only took away the sagging skin and horrible c-section scar, but glattened my stomach leaving virtually no scar.

  • “Breast Augmentation/Nose Job/Botox – Newport Beach, CA”

    Because Dr. Elam and his staff are the best! I have had several consultations prior to meeting Dr. Elam, and in meeting him I knew he would be the one to finally put a smile back on my face. I have been a patient since 2008 and I have no plans on continuing my services elsewhere. (lsuarez)

  • “Best Breasts”

    Procedure well explained, results great, bedside manner was great, office staff very professional and friendly. Have had many compliments on results and inquiries for referral.

  • “Best Nose Jobs Ever! – Newport Beach, CA”

    Because I couldn’t give a 10 star rating. I chose this Dr. because I wanted the best doctor. My mom had her nose done by Dr. Elam several years ago and its beautiful. Ever since I can remember, everyone who meets my mom always says she has the “Perfect Nose”. Well, one day my sister and I decided it was time to get out noses fixed and to see the best surgeon and that surgeon is Dr. Elam. His staff is not only gorgeous, no shock there, they are very caring and loving. They always make you feel at ease and comfortable. I am so thankful my mom had the foresight to take us to Dr. Elam. It was the best decision my sister and I have ever made. Now everyone we meet comments on us and says we have the “perfect noses”. So glad we kept it in the family. We have since both had breast augmentations done by Dr. Elam and we are so happy and excited about our beautiful new look. If you want the best, you have to go to the best.

  • “Wonderful Experience!”

  • “Living the Dream with Amazing Results of Liposuction – Newport Beach, CA”


    I wish there were more starts. Dr. Elam was referred to me by my next door neighbor, who has had surgery as well. I went from a size 14 to an 8.

  • “Dr. Michael Elam, Best Plastic Surgeon in California – Newport Beach, CA”

    Dr. Michael Elam is the best. My face and the faces and bodies of family and friends are my proof. Check out his website. You can see for yourself. I have had several procedures done over the past years and have been more than just thrilled with my results. So thrilled, I have brought my children in and several other family members and friends to Dr. Elam for different procedures because I trust and value Dr. Elam’s judgment and skill. Everyone I know who has gone to Dr. Elam have been so happy and they look amazing. Also,he has a loving and caring staff who make it so comfortable and welcoming you completely fall at peace when you are there. I recommend Dr. Elam to anyone who is even thinking about have any procedure done, even just botox. Dr. Elam’s work speaks for itself. Check out his website. .

  • “Dr. E Took Me from an Insecure, Unhappy Person to Feeling Like I Am on Top of the World! – Newport Beach, CA”

    Changed my life! This was my first big surgery, but the second I stepped into Dr. E’s office I knew I was in the right place. His staff makes you feel comfortable from the 1st second you enter. Dr. E, himself, is honest, classy and sophisticated–I would not go to anyone else but him, He made me feel incredible, love him and his staff! 

  • “Trust, Experience and Best in the Field! – Newport Beach, CA”

    As a pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgery there is no better experienced doctor than Dr. E. His unparalleled knowledge, precise techniques and unique ability to give each patient a flawless result, puts him leagues above his fellow colleagues. I would trust no other. Another ultimate benefit is his personal touch and sincere approach as a caring doctor makes you feel safe and secure. I have been a patient for 25 years and he has skillfully given me the procedures that make me feel confident, youthful and ageless. I highly recommend Dr. E as a life medical partner in maintaining your “real self.”

  • “So Long Bags – Orange County, CA”

    From the front office staff to the nurses to Dr. Elam, everyone gave me “rock star” service.

  • “Boobs and Lipo (All a Girl Really Needs LOL) – Newport Beach, CA”

    Breast Augmentation

    Dr. E is such an amazing doctor. My girlfriend in Newport recommended him to me after she had her boobs done by him.

  • “Juvederm – Newport Beach, CA”

    My overall experience in Dr. E’s office was outstanding. From the minute I walked in, the office staff was very helpful and nice and Dr. E was extremely personable. Dr. E’s recommendations made sense to me and made me feel comfortable.

  • “Cast OFF!!!! – Orange County, CA”


  • “Guy Getting Tummy Tuck and Lipo – Newport Beach, CA”

    Male Tummy Tuck

    Dr. E had a long way to go to make me feel comfortable about my decision. He and his office staff were very kind and professional. Dr. E took time with me to make sure my questions were answered and to review the preparation, procedures, and aftercare. I couldn’t have made a better choice. The experience and the people are the best.

  • “Orange County Housewive Daughter’s Surgery – Newport Beach, CA”


    Dr. E did my daughters surgery which was filmed on the real housewives of orange county and she was so happy with her results. I referred many friends to dr. E and they have all been so pleased with their results…

  • “Amazing Experience with Rhinoplasty So Far!”


    Dr. Elam and his staff have been amazing and have given me the best care possible! I knew he was the right surgeon from when I first met him. I don’t think I could have chosen a better surgeon! We all went to different doctors. However I found Dr. Elam off real self. I scheduled my consultation with him about a month before my surgery and fell in love with him and his staff! He took pictures and did the digital imaging on his computer and we talked about what he could do with my nose. Molly, the patient consultant/medical esthetician has been there for me since day one. She has been absolutely amazing with scheduling my appointment and being there for me throughout it all.,I then scheduled my pre op appointment a month later and everything went well. I got my blood work done and Molly called in my medications for me to pick up the same day right across the street. All I had to do was wait until the day of the surgery. Him and the girls have been absolutely perfect!

  • “My Nose Looks Amazing and Had an Amazing Experience! – Orange County, CA”

    Dr. Elam was fantastic in every way! i did a lot of research online and when i went in Dr. Elam offered upfront much information.

  • “I Could Not Be Happier with my Results! – Newport Beach, CA”

    Love love love Dr. E and his entire staff!! They are all so sweet and I fell that everyone put such an effort in getting to know me and make me feel comfortable! Dr. E especially made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. I was scared of going too big but I just trusted him and told him to do what he feels would look best. I could not be happier with my results. They look and feel so natural!!

  • “Brow Lift – Newport Beach, CA”

    Did an amazing job with my brow lift and fat transfer!

  • “Rhinoplasty Perfection! – Orange County, CA”


    He is such a caring doctor and I was able to tell that the second I walked into the office. I would recommend him to anyone who would like to have surgery done.


  • “I Can’t Stop Staring at my New Nose! It’s Soo FLAWLESS! Thank You Dr. Elam! – Orange County, CA”

    a very good friend recommended him, and all her good words were proven right! I was always insecure & self conscience of my bumpy big nose, until my good friend recommended Dr. Elam for a nose job, prior to her amazing experience with him, she admitted to me that day, of my non stop complaints, that her nose was done. I couldn’t believe her nose looks SO NATURAL and PERFECT! So i went for it! My consultation went great, Dr. Elam was sooo nice and warm, he made me feel so comfortable. The office was house warming and welcoming. The whole office team is great, they treat you like family! After the procedure, my nose looked FABULOUS! I was obsessed! The Before & After pictures were too good to be true! I am so much happier with myself because of him, and send him a million thank you’s!

  • “Love My New Nose – Newport Beach, CA”


    I wanted to write a review about my Doctor. I wanted to share my experience and outcome with others that are wanting to have surgery. Dr. E and his staff are outstanding and so professional. Dr. E is an Artist and is so well experienced. His knowledge and bed side manner is a 10. I interviewed so many surgeons for the Rhinoplasty that I wanted to have. After meeting with Dr. E, his staff, looking at before and after photos, I knew he was the BEST. I have sent so many patients to him. I get so many compliments on my nose, everyone wants to know who my surgeon is? Dr. E does all my Botox, Skincare, and Juvederm.I have also sent my family members to him. Thank you Dr. E and your great staff

  • “A Girls Best Friend! – Newport Beach, CA”


    !st Dr. E has the BEST bedside manner of any Dr. I’ve been to. Then add in to the fact that I have had numerous procedures by him, and been elated each and every time. His office staff is so helpful. There’s nothing worse then having to wait for a Doctor when you have a busy schedule like mine. The good news is I’ve never had to wait more then 10 minutes and all of my friends have been accommodated in the same manner.

  • “Smartest Thing I Ever Did! – Orange County, CA”

    Breast Implant Revision

    I was referred to Dr. Elam by a very happy previous patient.

  • “My Septorhinoplasty Was a Success! – Orange County, CA”

    A friend of mine referred me to him, I will totally will have another procedure with dr. Elam, if i need one in the future..her staff is amazing, they totally made me feel at ease, thanks Molly and Lupe! The nurse, Dr.Shawb, Dough, thanks a lot!! I can now say that i cannot believe why i waited that long to have this done. I m extremely happy with the results!!

  • “Latisse is Worth It! Noticed a Difference Within Two Days – Orange County, CA”


    Dr. showed me the results on office girls, which is what sold me on Latisse.

  • “Breast reconstruction /no cancer – Newport Beach, CA”

    Dr. Elam’s reputation stands out. Many have said you can’t find a more skilled, accomplished, knowlegeable and caring Plastic Surgeon than Dr. Elam. He is an aesthetic surgeon with an artistic eye. That’s Dr. Elam! Dr. Elam, I know that you are one of the finest in your field of Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery because of my recent personal experience. We started with a simple Implant Revision Surgery “take the old out and replace with the new”, however, it turned out to be a very complicated surgery i.e. Breast Reconstruction. Fortunately there was no cancer. As you said, “we got to you in the nick of time”. A huge thank you Dr. Elam for my “Breast Reconstruction Makeover”. Wow! You have made such a difference in my life. Not only do I have the most beautiful breast and radiant smile, but just as importantly, I am celebrating my new life filled with dignity and vitality. The best of the best skilled & caring Plastic Surgeon is what makes you , Dr. Elam stand above the rest! Please also express my thanks to your “going over and beyond” trained, caring, staff: Dr. Schwab, Shelley, Molly, Lupe, Chelsea, Doug and Theresa. They all created together a First Class Successful Plastic Surgery Experience for which I am so grateful. Warmly from my heart to yours, Barbara Hart

  • “I Love my New Nose I Can’t Believe I Waited This Long to Fix It! – Orange County, CA”

    If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I’m super happy with my results. I did tons of research to find the perfect doctor and went on consults with other doctors and no one compares to the experience, awesome personality, and perfect work of Dr. Elam. Thanks again for my amazingly cute nose, now I’m not the funny girl with the big nose, I’m funny and cute thanks to you!

  • “Fat Transfer – Newport Beach, CA”

    Fat Transfer

    3 weeks post-op after fat transfer I am very pleased with the results, which look extremely natural. My face looks healthy, youthful, and refreshed, and the procedure, along with CO2 laser treatment, has left my skin looking 20 years younger.

  • “perfect nose – Newport Beach, CA”


    About two months ago I had rhinoplasty done by Dr. Elam and I could not have picked a better surgeon. Before I had this surgery, I was unsure what nose would fit best on my face and the nose that Dr. Elam created is perfect. Everyone compliments me and I honestly don’t think that I could have had better results. Everything about the surgery was easy. I did not have any bruising and the swelling went down quickly. I experienced literally no pain and the only issue was that I had a splint on my nose for a week so I couldn’t leave my apartment. I feel like my face is much more balanced and I have a nose that fits flawlessly. Because I am a student at USC, Dr. Elam’s office is far from where I live but his staff was very helpful in making appointments for me that worked with my schedule. I would 100% recommend him. It is a joy to spend time with the entire staff and with 30 + years of experience, Dr. Elam’s work is impeccable. Message me if you have any questions!

  • “Brow Lift and More! – Newport Beach, CA”

    I was referred to Dr. Elam by a dear friend and knew of him by his sterling cosmetic surgery work and fine reputation. In two words..The Best! Dr.Elam though your practice is located in Newport Beach, where I reside, I would have travelled the World to find you! Your Artistic Eye-Skilled Hands-Advanced Techniques are unsurpassed in your field of Plastic/ Cosmetic Surgery. In addition, it takes an amazing first class staff to make this Cosmetic Surgery experience so pleasant & successful.. My heartfelt thanks to Shelley, Molly, Lupe, Chelsea, Doug & Theresa. Please also express my thanks to Dr. Schwab, Anesthesiologist, who created and administered the perfect “cocktail/general anesthetic where I didn’t feel groggy when I woke up. What a nice relief that was. Most of all, thank you again Dr.Elam for the best “Gift” a Grandmother of 4 could hope for..a glowing face and new spring in my step! Your grateful patient, Barbara Hart

  • “So Skinny, So Happy – Newport Beach, CA”


    I think choosing Dr. Elam was the best choice I could make and he has changed my life for the better. I really encourage people to go to him because of his expertise in full body liposuction.

  • “Great Experience! – Newport Beach, CA”

    Breast Augmentation

    The doctor as well as the staff were very supportive & helpful with all my questions & concerns from pre-surgery throughout post-surgery, & I could not be more happy with my results! I have recommended Dr. E to many friends who are just as happy with their procedures as well.

  • “Breast Revision- Beautiful Breasts – Newport Beach, CA”

    Dr Elam is an amazing doctor with years and years experience. He always made me feel well taken care of. He also has great bed side manner and his price was very reasonable considering all of his experience.

  • “Best Nose Jobs Ever! – Newport Beach, CA”

    Dr. Elam is the best he deserves a 5 star rating. I chose this Dr. because of my mom. I met Dr. Elam through my mom. My mom had her nose fixed many years ago by Dr. Elam and everyone who ever met my mom always says she has the “perfect nose”. When my sister and I decided to get our noses fixed, there was only one doctor my mom trusted and new would do the best job. That doctor is Dr. Michael Elam. There staff is so kind, thoughtful and welcoming and not to mention gorgeous, we just knew we were going to be so happy with our results. Thank goodness my mom had the foresight to take us to Dr. Elam. It has changed our lives. The confidence it has afforded us is priceless. Thank you so much Dr. Elam, and your wonderful staff, we love you all.

  • “Rhynoplasty – Very Happy!!! Great Results with a Smooth Recovery! – Orange County, CA”

    For as long as I can remember I wanted to change the shape of my nose. It was one trait left to me by my biological father. So when I started looking around for a plastic surgeon, I was very excited about making the change, but also nervous about ‘going under the knife’. I was looking for a Dr whom I could trust my face to 100% and know that the results will be exactly what I’m looking for. I went to a couple consultations, including Dr Elam. I must admit, it took me 2 years to finally decide on going through with the surgery because it would be my 1st surgery Ever – I was nervous. But I chose Dr Elam exactly for the reasons I listed above: I felt I could trust him & I knew he had years of experience doing rhynoplasties (as well as other plastic surgery procedures). He also was the 1st Dr who told me I had a Deviated Septum which could be fixed during the surgery. His team was also very helpful in every aspect of my surgery (Molly, Shelly, Dan). Dr Schwab (the anesthesiologist) was great! He & Dr Elam have been working together for over 30 years now, so I knew I was in good hands there. Nevertheless, I was very nervous going in, but after I layed on the operating table – the next thing I knew the nurse was telling me it was over! I cannot thank Dr Elam enough! I absolutely Love my new nose! Everyone compliments my new look already. & it’s only been a month since my surgery! My recovery has been very smooth & quick. I would Definitely recommend him!! =)

  • “Great Follow Through and After Care! Best in the Business. – Newport Beach, CA”

    Dr. E is extremely talented. He does not over do it and is honest. I think his work is better than any other Orange County plastic surgeon and I have friends who have gone everywhere.

  • “Couldn’t Have Asked for Better! – Newport Beach, CA”


    Make sure you do alot of research on your doctor- do not make a decision purely based on cost or location…. this is your face you are getting altered! I would recommend asking the doctor you are interested in booking your surgery with to physically see a patient who has just had Rhinoplasty in person if possible. I got to see a few patients (who gave my doctor permission obviously)that were a week- month post op when they came in for re-checks & asked them questions etc.

  • “Great Experence , Friendly Staff and Excellent Results – Orange County, CA”.

    Family Friend. The office staff is very warm and friendly, and appoinments times are always running on time which is hard to say for most doctors offices. Thanks Dr. elam.

  • “Beautiful Lip Lines!!!!!! NOOOOOO PAIN! – Newport Beach, CA”

    Dr. Elam and his staff deserve more stars than are allowed. They are always so professional and caring. Dr. Elam was referred to me by a very happy patient and I couldn’t be happier. I carry his business cards and refer him to anyone interested in feeling better about themselves.

  • “Amazing Results, and Now I Look and Feel 10 Years Younger, and I Highly Recommend Dr. E – Newport Beach, CA ”

    I travelled all the way from Aspen Colorado to have Dr E perform a brow lift, because of Dr Es excellent reputation. It took 10 years off of my face, with even my closest friends amazed at how young I looked, without knowing I had had a brow lift. I had no tell tale signs of surgery. It was like I went on an amazing spa vacation, and came home 10 years younger!

  • “The Reason Why I Am So Happy Now! – Newport Beach, CA”

    I had surgery by dr Elam because he made me feel so comfortable at my consultation. I am a nurse in the ICU and work with a lot of surgeons so I can tell you that most have a terrible bedside manner. When I met dr Elam, I was so surprised to meet a surgeon who was truly such a nice guy. He made me feel so comfortable about my procedure and recovery process. Working in a hospital, I’ve been exposed to lots of unsanitary things and seen many mistakes so I was very concerned about getting surgery. So he showed me around his entire facility and how they sterilize all the equipment and I felt much better. In thirty years he has never had a patient get an infection related to surgery. After seeing how nice he was and how nice his operating suites are, I signed up for surgery and had both my breast done and liposuction.

  • “Breast Implant and Liposurgery – Orange County, CA”

    I have had several surjuries over th past 20 years with Dr. Elam. I traveled from Houston, Texas for my procedures. His staff and office are great.and caring for their patients.

  • “Dr. Elam is the Liposuction Guru – Orange County, CA”


    I first read about Dr. Elam in Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire. Then when I started to research on the highest rated plastic surgeons, I noticed his name kept on popping up. Then I found out he was one of the pioneers of liposuction. Dr. Elam was one of the first surgeons in the US to perform liposuction. His credentials are so impressive because he taught (and continues to educate) hundreds of surgeons on the surgical craft and artistry of liposuction. Also, he wrote the first physician’s training textbook on the procedure. Dr. Elam has been featured in so many media outlets and has a seemingly cult following of celebrity clientele and stunning models. I also confided in a few of my friends that I was interested in getting plastic surgery. I found out two of my friends went to Dr. Elam for their (one had a nose job and the other had breast augmentation) surgeries. They both were in competitive professions that demanded physical beauty to be at an optimum. Overall, my experience was phenomenal. I am so grateful for the care, professionalism and the final results. I feel so confident, pretty and positive! Dr. Elam is the BEST!

  • “Facelift”

    After moving here from out of state a few years ago, I saw Dr. E on home shopping network with Phyllis Diller. He had performed a facelift and face peel on her and she looked so amazing; I knew he was the doctor for me. He did miracles for me as well and I see him every few years for a little rejuvenation. Thank you Dr!

  • “Wrinkle Free! – Orange County, CA”

    I gave this rating because the entire experience was amazing. I would refer anyone considering cosmetic surgery or procedures to Dr. Elam. I truly believe he is the best.

  • Dr. Elam Hands Down Best Plastic Surgeon in The OC – Newport Beach, CA”

    I rate Dr. Elam five stars across the board. He has an amazing bedside manner. He answered all of my questions and spent a full hour discussing the details. He did an imaging computer photograph of me so I could see my results ahead of time and his staff is so kind and caring they’ll make you feel at home.

  • “Best Surgical Experience for Myself and Friends I Referred – Newport Beach, CA”


    I have referred several friends to Dr. E and they have all had wonderful results. The office staff is very professional. Most of his employees have been there for over 15 years and are well informed, kind, and always willing to help with a smile on their face.

  • “It Was So Worth It – Orange County, CA”

    Their team of trained professionals is excellent!! Dr Elam was recommended by one of my best friends,

  • “Terrified in Tennessee – Newport Beach, CA”


    I have no complaints at all! Dr. Elam washed away all my fears by listening and taking his time to explain the procedure and to hear what I wanted and why.