• rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty surgery is ideal for the patient who would like to modify their nose to be in harmony with their other facial features.

    Many patients have a fear that the aesthetic changes to the nose will be so great as to create subject of discussion among family members and friends. Actually, following a well done rhinoplasty, the patient’s friends, co-workers and relatives usually do not remember the shape of the patient’s original nose. Dr. Elam’s goal as a rhinoplasty expert is to provide two tasks during rhinoplasty surgery. First to have a natural looking nose that is aesthetically pleasing with the patient’s facial features and secondly to provide proper function as well.

    Whenever necessary Dr. Elam addresses the turbinates and the septum during rhinoplasty to help ensure proper airflow after surgery. With rhinoplasty surgery it is important to address both function and aesthetics of the nose. Often times a patient may not have any breathing difficulties prior to their scheduled rhinoplasty however if the septum and turbinates are not addressed during the procedure then some of the aesthetic changes may affect the patients airflow.

    During the rhinoplasty consultation Dr. Elam uses a digital imaging computer which allows him to show the patient their proposed surgical results prior to their procedure. Dr. Elam has a large library of before and after photographs as well as a digital imaging library. The digital imaging library allows consulting patients to see other patients actual before image, their digital imaging and then their final post operative photograph. This allows the patient to see how close in proximity these results are. Digital imaging allows the patient and the surgeon to discuss the aesthetic changes proposed in order to attain their desired surgical result.