Ethnic Rhinoplasty

  • ethnic-rhinoplasty

    Of all the different types of surgeries and medical procedures available today, cosmetic surgery is by far the most personal. Each procedure is individualized by Dr. Elam to make sure that the patient is getting the results that they want. Every year, thousands of people from different cultures and backgrounds undergo rhinoplasty procedures to alter and enhance their nose. Depending on your ethnicity, there are a lot of different factors that come into play when deciding to undergo surgery.

    During the consultation phase Dr. Elam takes into consideration everything about his patient including their ethnic background. These cultural genetics play an important part in providing the patient with a symmetrical and aesthetically balanced look to the entire face.

    Diverse cultural backgrounds lead to different needs from reshaping your current nose to create a more desirable look, reducing a genetically larger nose, adding and creating a shape for a flat nose, straightening a bumped or curved nose, reducing large nostrils to multiple other improvements. Every gene pool has it own set of imperfections when it comes to the nose and Dr. Elam’s expertise is to enhance your beautiful unique face resulting in having a natural final result.

    Dr. Elam offers complimentary consultations to his patients. During the consultation phase Dr. Elam often uses Digital Imaging to show the consulting patient their proposed surgical results. A printed copy of this image will be made available to take home and share with family and friends. Dr. Elam’s patients will also be able to view his extensive pre and post-operative photo library. While we keep all patient surgeries completely confidential on many occasions Dr. Elam’s post surgical patients enjoy an opportunity to discuss their procedure with a consulting patient. This allows the consulting patient a chance to see other patients in various stages of recovery.

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