Chin Augmentation

  • chin-augmentation

    The chin has a prominent role in establishing facial symmetry and aesthetics. With the nose, it can determine facial balance, especially through its relationship to the face in profile. Surgeons have recognized this for many years, and combination procedures involving rhinoplasty and genioplasty or chin augmentation are common. The chin defines the character of the face and, perhaps, the person; a long chin has been associated with strength and power, whereas a short chin portrays weakness.

    Chin Augmentation or chin implants are used in ten to twenty percent of rhinoplasty surgeries to achieve proper balance and harmony to the facial aesthetics. Dr. Elam prefers to use a small incision under the chin versus the intra oral approach. In his experience this leads to a better result and reduces the chances of infection that are sometimes related to the intra-oral approach. Often times in chin augmentation you also combine a procedure of neck and/or chin liposuction to further sculpt this area for the best results. Liposuction of the neck and chin are done through the same sub-mental incision.

    Dr. Elam uses a digital imaging computer during his patient’s consultation phase, which allows the patient to see the proposed surgical result. This is extremely helpful in chin augmentation as the patient can visualize properly the profile view and how this small enhancement will help to provide the patient with facial balance.