First Look Videos #ElamFirstLook

The most exciting moment in Plastic Surgery is when the patient sees their new look for the first time. In many instances, the patient has waited years for this “First Look.” While it’s not the final result, the “First Look” gives the patient a good idea of the surgical change that has been made. This is an exciting time for both the surgeon and the patient. In this series of video clips, our patients have graciously allowed us to share their “First Look” so they may help others make their step towards self-improvement. To see more “First Look” examples search #ElamFirstLook or ElamFirstLook on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram.

Andi G. Sees Her New Nose

Patient’s first impression of her new nose


Kaitlyn G. loves her new nose

Joseph’s better looking nose

John’s different perspective

Mary H. is happy for her new nose

Rini’s Perfect Nose Job

Lauren Sees her New Nose Tip

Tess’s Fun New Nose

Amelie’s Good looking new nose

Valerie’s Great New Look

Sandra really like her new nose

Ashley’s Perfect nose job

Cassidy’s successful nose job

Sabeena’s reaction to her new nose

Stephanie wanted a nose job since 19

Must See Jamie’s New Nose

Patients See Natural Nose

Nasal Reshaping

Self-Improvement Nose Surgery

Successful Nose Hump Removal

Beautiful Nose Job

Successful Nose Hump Removal

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