Breast Reduction

  • breast-reduction

    Many women feel that their breasts do not match their overall body physique. Extremely large or droopy breasts may be the result of abnormal development or the aging process. Such changes most frequently occur during menarche, pregnancy or following menopause.

    In Breast reduction surgery the incisions are designed to create a more youthful and natural shaped breast. In both procedures this involves elevating the nipple/areolar complex from a lower, more droopy position, to a more natural position on the center of the breast mound.

    In a breast reduction procedure, breast tissue is resected in addition to the excess skin, thus reducing the final volume of the breast while elevating the nipple/areolar complex.

    There is no evidence that breast uplift or reduction surgery alters the possibility of developing breast cancer. It will still be necessary for you to examine yourself monthly for breast lumps and to undergo mammography as suggested by your personal physician. It is required that all patients 40 years of age or older obtain a mammogram prior to elective breast surgery. If there is any history of breast cancer in the family then dr. Elam requires you to have a mammogram prior to your procedure. This allows the patient to have a baseline mammogram for the future.