Breast Augmentation

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    The decision for a woman to seek augmentation of the breast is a very personal one. Most women seeking breast augmentation have a positive body image yet believe that their breast size is not consistent or in harmony with their overall body physique. Reasons for seeking breast enlargement include failure of the breast to develop fully, breast volume, shape, asymmetry, and for breast fullness lost following pregnancy or breast feeding.

    The goal of an aesthetic breast augmentation is to achieve a proportional and natural appearance. While some patients specifically ask for an “exaggerated” look, most want to look as natural as possible. Dr. Elam spends a lot of time consulting with his patients regarding their desired aesthetic and size. During the consulting phase Dr. Elam provides his patient’s the option of trying multiple different sizers in a special bra allowing the patient the opportunity to try many different looks.

    Normal breast function should not be altered by an augmentation procedure in which the implant is positioned behind the pectoral muscle. Although not all women are able to breast feed even without a breast operation, this procedure should not alter the ability to breast feed should this become desirable later.

    Dr. Elam requires a preoperative mammogram for his patients after the age of forty or if they have any history of breast cancer in the family. This allows the patient to have a baseline mammogram for the future.